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Body Treatments
25 min $ 74.00
25 min $ 85.00
50 min $ 145.00
50 min $ 145.00
80 min $ 195.00
25 min $ 75.00
20 min $ 85.00
25 min $ 175.00
50 min $ 225.00
50 min $ 225.00
50 min $ 150.00
80 min $ 180.00
25 min $ 85.00
50 min $ 270.00
50 min $ 150.00
80 min $ 190.00
50 min $ 150.00
80 min $ 205.00
25 min $ 85.00
50 min $ 135.00
80 min $ 180.00
80 min $ 200.00
80 min $ 190.00
50 min $ 135.00
80 min $ 180.00
Nail Services
40 min $ 65.00
50 min $ 80.00
45 min $ 70.00
60 min $ 85.00
25 min $ 40.00
30 min $ 50.00
50 min $ 75.00
50 min $ 90.00

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Heavenly Spa
TERMS AND CONDITIONS Use of this gift certificate constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions: Gift Certificate expires 1 years from the date of issuance, and there are no fees associated with its use. The certificate may be used for its face value only for purchases at the Heavenly Spa, Westin Savannah Harbor Use for less than the face value will result in a new certificate being issued for the balance. This certificate is not refundable or transferable and is not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. The certificate will be replaced if lost or stolen at the discretion of Heavenly Spa, Westin Savannah Harbor, and only upon acceptable proof of purchase and ownership. The certificate must be presented at check-in. Photocopies will not be accepted. Guest is responsible for any expense that is not covered by the certificate and may be required to provide a credit card for excess or incidental charges. To make arrangements please call (912)-201-2250.
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